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Fingerprints ASAP now offers live scan fingerprinting services to all customers. Live Scan fingerprinting is the process of capturing fingerprints electronically for submission to specific agencies, archiving, or fingerprint card printing. If you require live scan services, book an appointment via our website.

Why Fingerprints ASAP?


No more ink smudges. Our Certified specialists take your fingerprints with high-quality digital scanners that are approved by FDLE.


Your prints get checked against official government databases for any record of criminal history.


Your background check results get sent directly to FDLE or the organization that requested your live scan. We provide you with a Tracking Number (TCN) to check the process.

How to get a live scan?
Simply make an appointment and bring your "ORI" number.

The ORI number is a nine-character provided by your organization. 

Our certified fingerprint technicians will capture your fingerprints and transmit them for a fingerprint-based background check (FDLE)

We can also provide you with a copy of your fingerprints on an ink fingerprint card.

Customers reviews

We value our customers 

"Very enjoyable process. The guys were very nice and friendly. Being able to get fingerprints without an appointment was very convenient. Would highly recommend Christian and his team!"
Greg Guzzo
"Fingerprints ASAP were amazing! I needed my Live Scan fingerprints for my real estate license. They were so friendly, informative and quick! I definitely recommend them! Thanks!"
Michelle Trueblood
"Great experience. I found this place online and after doing research I don't regret it. Christian was very attentive, made an appointment for me the same day, and I was in and out in under 15 min. Price was good and the processing time has been exceptional. Definitely would recommend it to anyone."
Cherry Blossom

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